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Daniel Alexander Jones
Embodiment. Where is the material meeting place of our longings, our losses, our dreams, our disappointments, our fears, our rage, our spontaneity, our lineage, and our possible futures? I contemplate embodiment. I consider what we feel in response to what we live through, what we are forced to witness, what we are asked to bear, and how we are either close to or distanced from one another while as we do. And I consider the places in the body where all those feelings pulse most immediately. Embodiment. Very often, these places are tucked deep within, under sheets of muscle, between fine fibers, and pressed against bone. Samora Pinderhughes sings the secrets of these places in a voice so true that it shocks in its naked waver and direct expression. He sounds like what it feels like, exactly. His sound is wholly embodied. I thank him for his evidence of the “Process” of embodiment and its incalculable rewards for us all.  - Daniel Alexander Jones