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Eisa Davis
came back every time.

I recognize this energy, what you speak of in the song. I think I feel the same as you do at the root, with perhaps different manifestations. but I have had this tendency for many years now to slip into self-flagellation so severe it is paralyzing. and it's difficult for those who know me to understand. I don't understand it completely either--I've searched for the source. family dynamics. home culture. my own personality. something that I reincarnated. knowing my astrological chart actually helped in seeing that I'm not my fault, and that was a relief...

what I see in you is someone so skilled and powerful and brave, someone who takes action--someone I admire. so I wonder what it is you see that's so different. like you said, what the mindscape is you've built that the outside world has little effect upon.

what are we afraid of? maybe we just never know, but keep making things in spite of that...maybe we never even end up believing deeply in ourselves but root ourselves in knowing without doubt that others do, that the universe does.