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Zoe Keziah
I have too too many thoughts. This is so beautiful and relatable. “Guess I’ll just say” is so important! I have so many doubts about when psychobabble like “processing” is just a way out.

I think a lot about how big losses have made me very strong and “I’ve come back every time” is the synthesis of that. At some point you just notice that you did come back every time, you did have joy again, you did feel whole in moments, and that’s what allows you to get even close enough to your demons to say that you even want to look at them, or that you even want to name those unnameable secrets. Your ability to name those secrets directly correlates I think to your success in every realm of life, in every relationship. This song captures all of that so accurately with so few words it’s really a feat. I love it. Dayron says it slowed his heart rate.

It’s a profoundly hopeful song actually! The strength and hope is INSIDE the tenderness and weariness.

That’s where it always is!

It also brings to mind Snoop’s “I’d like to thank me” speech. That’s how listening to this song makes me feel.